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No Turning Back

The ladies had conquered everything they had set out when they moved to Atlanta. All except their love lives. With Craig now gone, Nia struggled to balance life without him as she dealt with her private grief.

She had blamed herself for what happened between them, that ultimately cost him his life. Now that a new man was in the picture, she wondered if her heart would allow her to love again.

Meanwhile, Zoe's life was crashing at an alarming rate, when yet another affair destroys her marriage for good. Will she be able to regroup from this, or was her life as an attorney now over because of her choices. Find out in this short story that will leave you wondering, what's next for these two friends. You will be fascinated from start to finish, and asking for another. Don't you worry, there is more to come for the ladies.

Number of Pages: 174

Year Published: 2021

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