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At Arm's Length

When Nia Roge received the news that the business proposal she had submitted to the city council of Atlanta was approved, she was elated. She had dreamed of opening her own law firm in Atlanta with her best friend, Zoe.

The women were well on their way to a new life, when everything they had dreamed of came crashing down. Between the betrayals from Nia's husband to the secrets that they both kept from each other, the ladies realized that life was a lot more complicated than they had bargained for.

Nia soon found herself falling in love with one of her business associates, and it turned her world upside down. She was unsure as to what to do when he did not want the same things as she did. He took her on a whirlwind ride, then left her wanting more. Feeling like she was being kept at arm's length, she vowed to move on with her life but found that she just kept on coming back.

The ladies learned to adjust to what life had thrown at them and roll with the punches. In this novel, you will be on the edge of your seat from start to finish, wondering who will win in the end. Will Nia finally get the man she dreamed of? Will Zoe be content with being in Atlanta?
All of these questions and more will be answered in this novel where love, romance, family, career and betrayal all meet at the same time.

Number of Pages: 200

Year Published: 2021

By Norine Fahie ( United States )

OMG...I absolutely loved this book! It was very well written and the character's stories flowed really well. I loved the sisterhood between Nia and Zoe so much, as it reminded me of my own sister friends! It was really amazing how they supported each other through their struggles and happy times. I also feel like most women can relate to Nia in the space she is with Gabe and Craig, which makes you get even more engrossed in the book! I was so sad when Craig committed suicide, but I forgot his efforts to pursue Nia might have been because the lady he left her for dumped him when he was down and out...typical man! Lol I laughed, cried, and actually really relaxed with with a cocktail and my Jill Scott Pandora station while reading it. She made me want to go out and buy a soaker tub! Lol The ending was amazingly set up to keep you anxious enough for the release of the next book. I'm so proud of how new author, V.C. Westbrook, put it all together. I wish her nothing but continued success as she anticipates the release of her sophomore book.🌺

By Diana Thomas ( Dominica )

From the first 2 sentences this book caught my attention and interest. I couldn't wait to read the whole thing and see what's in store. I loved every bit of it n the ending left me wanting more. I was patiently waiting to see what the author VC Alexander would come up with next.

It's definitely a great read and I would recommend it to others. I haven't read the next one yet but that'll soon happen.

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